What is an Executive Physical

Unlike a traditional checkup or sick visit, an executive physical is a two-hour comprehensive health assessment where your doctor will do a personalized deep-dive into your health. Concierge medicine physicians specialize in internal medicine and focus on disease prevention.

The following screenings are included in your annual executive physical, so you are not billed for these services:

  • Chest x-ray – to check for issues in your heart, lungs, bones or blood vessels
  • EKG – to ensure proper heart function
  • Stress testing – to monitor your cardiac system during activity

Same-Day Results

At Legacy Health, you enjoy a private consultation in a comfortable, upscale environment where you and your physician will look at all of your test results, discuss findings and recommendations so you can optimize your health and wellness. Since all diagnostics are completed in office, you don’t have to wait to review results or hear from your doctor. We do it all in one visit for your convenience.

Focus on Prevention

The benefit of your annual executive physical and a close relationship with your doctor is the ability to prevent conditions from developing or getting worse. Don’t wait until you’re sick to see a doctor. We’re here to help you manage your individual risk factors and keep you healthy.

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